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Wayne Thompson

Coach & Owner

Meet Wayne, the heart and soul behind Lil’ Flippers! His gymnastics journey began in 1983 at Gulf Gymnastics, the very same year he was swept off his feet by Melisa. As he gracefully tumbled for Alvin High School and later showcased his prowess at Houston Baptist University, two constants remained – his unwavering love for Melisa and his passion for gymnastics.

After tying the knot with Melisa and earning his degree, Wayne’s dedication to the sport didn’t waver. He’s since coached a spectrum of talents – from tiny tots aged 2 to adults, from budding beginners to elite gymnasts. And guess what? His own four children have been nurtured under his expert guidance. With Wayne, gymnastics isn’t just a sport; it’s a legacy!

Melisa Thompson

Coach & Owner

Introducing Melisa, the nurturing force behind Lil’ Flippers! As a proud mother of four, her innate love for children ignited her coaching journey in 2000. From assisting with preschool gymnastics to taking the helm as the preschool director, her dedication knew no bounds. By 2008, she was not just directing but co-owning Gulf Coast Gymnastics with pride.

Now, in our innovative mobile setting, Melisa’s passion shines brighter than ever. She continues to spread the joy of gymnastics, touching young hearts and inspiring little tumblers every day!


Gymnastics helps create well rounded children

Gymnastics does not have to be competitive to get something out of it. Besides helping with coordination, strength, and flexibility, gymnastics can help with cognitive development. We believe in helping to develop your child through consistent repetition in a fun environment.

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